Basketball Betting and Wagers Explained: It is simple after all!

image of basketball betting

There are many ways to enjoy a sport. You can play it or cheer for a favorite team. You can also put real money in it. Following is an explanation of some terms you will often encounter in basketball betting.

A Money Line bet may be the most basic. It involves picking the team you think will win, regardless of the ending scores which is the basis for all the other bets explained below. The number provided with each team pertains to its odds and will determine how much you could end up winning.

An Over/Under or Total Bet means just that - the sportsbook picks a number for the combined scores of the two teams and the player decides if the actual scores will go over or under this total.

A Single or Side bet, on the other hand, is a wager on the expected point spread between the opposing teams. For example, a bet on Team B +5 means that the bettor wins if Team B wins over Team A or loses only by four points or fewer.

A Teaser in basketball betting allows the bettor plus or minus four points from the spread or from the totals. However, this must be done with two separate games, i.e., involving four teams, and the sides that you picked for both games must be correct.

The Reverse Teaser, on the other hand, involves only one game (or two teams) and a deduction of seven points from the spread. This usually pays off bigger than a single or side bet.

A Parlay is very similar in concept to a teaser but does not give the addition or subtraction of the extra points. This is considered a riskier bet but it also pays bigger.

An If Bet is done on two or more games but the succeeding wagers are only placed if the first one wins.

A Future Bet is on the chance of a team to triumph in the conference or March madness. A Props, or Proposition Bet, is similar to a Future bet but focuses on the performance of an individual athlete or game.

There, basketball betting explained.