Italian Serie D Betting And History

Serie D is the top level non-professional Italian football association called Lega Nazionale Dilettanti. The group represents over 12,000 football players and 400 teams across Italy. It is considered the 5th ranked league in the country, and is organized through the Roman Interregional Committee, a "league in the league" inside the LND. When the three Division 3 leagues had to be reorganized in 1948, due to a growing number of regional teams joining, FIGC did not relegate the exceeding clubs to regional championships. A new third division set up into four groups, and the rest of the teams attended the new Promozione, which changed its name in 1952 and again in 1959 to Serie D. From then on, each participant attending the championships had to opt for semi-professional status by signing a specially issued status form. The association had to be reorganized in 1981 when championships were reduced so that the league name could chance into the Interregionale, and players lost semi-pro status and converted to amateurs.

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Playoffs are held when the regular season is over, and involve teams placed 2nd through 5th in each division. The 5th-placed teams of each division are matched with the 2nd-placed, the 4th against the 3rd. Round 2 matches the two winners, and at the end of round 2, one team from each division survives. These nine winners are grouped into 3 groups of three and play each team in their own division once. The three winners qualify for the playoff semi-finals, with a wildcard 4th spot. The winners qualify for a one-game final match. This exciting tournament is the most popular time for Italian Serie D bettors like me, and William Hill Casino is the best place to go.