Getting Satisfaction from Canadian Online Slots

There is no denying that Canadian online slots are among the most popular games of all time, and they're certainly one of my favorites, too. Of course, the things I enjoy when it comes to these and other casino games may not be the same things that others will like. There are quite literally thousands of them out there, and even the ones that have the same number of reels, paylines, scatters and wilds can be found in dozens of different themes. Therefore, how do you go about finding the one that you're going to like the most? In general, I've found that just playing some free ones is the best way to figure out the basics. Once you have this information, the rest is a piece of cake.

There are lots of venues that offer free Canadian online slots, and this is great news for people who aren't interested in spending tons of money just to try new things. The online casinos from offer a combination of free games and real money games. Players can enjoy both and will even be able to play for really big cash prizes. I'd suggest starting out with the classic three-reel options which typically have only one payline and no scatters, wilds, or bonus features. This way, if you've never seen them in action, you can get a feel for how it works. Then, if you find yourself growing bored, check out some of the five-reel video types that can offer up 3D graphics, wilds that complete combinations, wilds that will give you free spins, and even some bonus rounds during which you can win big!

Now, my favorites have always been those that are associated with progressive jackpots. Of course, there are some of these that are going to require you to place a huge maximum bet per spin in order to qualify, and while this may sound like a great deal of fun, not all of us have the means to throw down $250 in a single spin and feel good about it. As such, there are some randomly triggered progressives available that can go off at any time with any size bet. Some have tiered prizes (meaning the more you bet, the bigger the jackpot), but the excitement is still there and there's nothing more thrilling than hearing the bells and whistles go off with a major win.

One of my favorite venues for playing Canadian online slots and other casino games, too, for that matter, is William Hill Casino. They offer up plenty of different styles and themes, and some of their offerings have progressive jackpots. I like the fact that they offer free versions, so if I've never tried a certain title, I don't have to make an investment just to see if I'll like it. I think you'll really appreciate the selection here, and they have a fantastic welcome package to get you started.