Different Poker Variants To Enjoy

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More often than not, new players of Online Poker joins the fray after seeing Texas Hold'Em being played in tournaments, movies, series and other media platforms. They end up thinking they know it all when in fact, Hold'Em is but a glimpse to a wider set of poker variants available to players globally. If you're planning to take the game of games seriously, it's about time you equip yourself with more knowledge about different variants of the game with the help of williamscasinos.com.

Texas Hold'Em

Although incredibly popular, you'll find that the game of Texas Hold'em is one of the easiest to learn among the variants of games today. Being easy to learn doesn't mean that it's easy to master, as the latter is an entirely different story from the former. This variant is known for its usage of community cards and two hole cards for players, along with five betting rounds. For the actual bets itself, blinds are established which will be the basis of the players when they want to call, fold or even raise their bet on the pot. Try online poker by visiting a trusted poker directory. This website tubapoker is the go-to site for many avid poker players where you'll find reviews for poker games, game rules and tips, and codes for free poker games.

Seven-Card Stud

Looking back into the history of poker, it's easy to see that this variant is the most popular variant in the past. Unlike newer variants like Hold'em and Omaha, this game is as straightforward as it gets with its lack of community cards. The game starts with the players being dealt with a single card faced-up with two cards faced-down. The faced-up card is known as the door card and whoever has the lowest of it is forced to call, fold or raise accordingly. Betting rounds will follow with each round having players dealt with a single face-up card. On the seventh round however, the card is faced down and when the last betting round is done, those who are still in the game will have to create the best five-card hand with their seven cards.


If you're looking for a fresh and unique experience compared to typical game, this is the one you're looking for. It's a game of poker with rules flipped upside down, in a sense where the one with the worst hand wins the game. This is of course, based on the conventional hand rankings. The flow of the game is just like how you'll play seven card stud.

Options for online poker are incredibly diverse and it would surely be fun to seek new variants every once in a while to make your poker experience, more exhilarating and remarkable.