The Best Online Skill Games for Money

I love to engage in fun, exciting activities online, but I just don't always see the point in putting their hard earned money on the line and allowing Lady Luck to ultimately determine what will happen. As such, there are plenty of online skill games for money out there that require very little if any luck at all! I've found that it's much more exciting for me when I can actually use my brains and wit to outsmart a competitor - or even the computer - in order to make a quick buck. There are plenty of types and themes out there from which to choose, too, so I'll never get bored.

Some of the most popular skill games for money include backgammon which is played on a board with rounded chips called 'men' and rummy, a popular card game that is played by millions and mastered by few. I really love rummy and I've grown to be fairly good at it over the years, so this was my first adventure with online skill games for money. I really liked the fact that I could log into a site and play hand-by-hand, but I can also choose to play to 500 just like I would at home with my family! In fact, some of these establishments even host tournaments in which the last man (or woman, in my case) standing wins a fabulous cash prize! Of course, I've found other options out there including Tetris, darts, solitaire in different forms, and even simulated billiards! The options are truly endless.

There are several different sites with which I do business, but I really prefer William Hill Casino. Not only do they offer classic Canadian gambling in all its forms such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette and more, but they also provide a hefty selection of online skill games for money from which I can choose! There are some that I can enjoy for free when I just want to pass the time or when I'm learning the ropes, but I prefer the cash options because I almost always come out on top.